Wednesday, April 1, 2009

T-shirts it is, then.

There seems to be no shortage of demand. All right, it's official: T-shirts are in the works. No definite timeline yet but I can't imagine it would take more than a week or so to get things set up.

The designs I'll start with are:

>8< Spider Pride (the overwhelming favorite in the comments)

Wyrms Before Worms (because Warraven asked for it, and Warraven is awesome)

...and I'll keep the third one a surprise.


Eyra said...

I'm looking forward to this extremely =)

Adlib said...

Awesome! I also would have picked "wyrms before worms" too. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...


Rat said...

My vote goes for:

"I didn't spend seven aeons feasting on the souls of the righteous just so I could play typing games with the functionally illiterate."

I would totally buy that.

Anonymous said...

Warraven is awesome indeed.

- Tinox

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