Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Haiku #32

Villains ramble on.
I will be concise and use
haiku monologues.


Anonymous said...

I think every bad
guy should start talking in a
haiku style, yay.

Sorcer said...

Talking in haiku?
I don't think it suits
_the_ mighty dark lord!

TheDesktopNinja said...

Haiku is the Dark
Lord's tool of destruction.
Harbinger of doom.

Anonymous said...

All the people here
fail at haikus, the pattern
is this: 5-7-5

Sargeras said...

@ Anon:
Are you suggesting
that the word "seven" only
has one syllable?

Sorcer said...

Maybe I should review
my haikus before sending
them off to the blog.

Once again I send
what little imagination
could provide for me

Talking in haiku?
I don't think it suits our lord!
For he is _evil_!

Anonymous said...

@ anon

not all haikus have
to, you only need
twenty-one syllables, man.

Anonymous said...

i failed terribly
then got dissed by my hero
the world is quite cruel

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