Thursday, May 28, 2009

Haiku #33

Do you want to fight?
PVP, not IRL.
I'm not a monster.


TheDesktopNinja said...

It's time to d-duel!
Epic battle, it is not.
I die shamefully.

MomentEye said...

How about a hug?
You're made of burning metal
It will still kill me.


Sargeras said...

@ TheDesktopNinja:
Using a hyphen
to make the syllables work?
Sir, I like your style.

@ MomentEye:
Wrapp'd in an embrace,
consum'd by fire and pressure:
what poetic pain.

Suunya said...

What your haiku need
a seasonal reference
to spring or summer

Sorcer said...

Death is a blanket
Cold but of final comfort
for his sad old soul

TheDesktopNinja said...

Will we ever see
More Scourge Chat Logs, Mighty One?
My ribs hurt last time.

Sargeras said...

@ Suunya:
To be technical,
these are senryu, not haiku.
But that word's obscure.

Sargeras said...

@ TheDesktopNinja:
Not anytime soon.
I think that joke's wearing thin.
But, perhaps someday.

Anthony Clarke said...

alas, I am dead
for I cannot PVP,
please do not gloat.

Max S. said...

Shirt arrived today!
I'll take a pic tomorrow,
it should be sunny.


Sargeras said...

That is excellent.
Good weather and good luck mean
a doubly good week.

Suunya said...

I am a student
japanese culture/language
I know of senryū

Sargeras said...

Yes, I'm sure you do.
That's not the point. "Haiku" is
a more well-known word.

Suunya said...

Fair enough my lord
I understand completely
Your demonic needs

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