Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sonnet contest results!

The Sonnet Contest is over, and the results are in. I received a total of nineteen entries. Let me say that picking just three winners out of these nineteen was a challenging task. Y'all obviously put a lot of thought into this, and I was forced to make some hard choices. In particular, I was impressed with the number of entrants who said that English was not their native tongue. Entering a poetry contest in a second language is a move that requires, ahem, cojones.

(In the future, I'll try to avoid using "tongue" and "cojones" in the same paragraph - I promise.)

So, here we go: the winners. And if you entered but your poem doesn't appear below, just remember, you still got the greatest gift of all: the brief and derisive attention of the Dark Titan.


As I was reading through the entries, this sonnet caught my eye at once for its spot-on perfect meter and lyrical language. Thought it didn't quite have that little je ne sais quoi it needed to make it to the top three, it flows so well and demonstrates such intelligent word choices that I had to at least give it a mention.

Of Titan’s Fall
by Arallion

With steady care, his hand swept chaos smooth,
Yet still resurgent evil fostered strife,
And flames of torment wreathed his heart with truth:
Order herself maintained this farce of life.
The Champion of Titans marked his course,
His weapon cracked in twain and forged anew
The Titans’ worlds fell ‘neath demonic force,
Chaotic flaming bronze their dying view.
Yet Azeroth, with lissome tempting wiles
Did thrice withstand corruption in her heart
Rebuffing banal chaos she beguiles
With bright caprice to balance order’s art.
O Sargeras! Tho powerful you reign
In shades of grey do Titans’ works remain.


This one is a sad, contemplative piece that uses simple language to evoke thoughtful images. Multiple readings may be necessary to get the full effect.

Night before the last dawn
by Kristof

A long day it was, even stars seems languid,
As they glimmer, like mourning candle-light.
Mourning the fallen and the living alike:
They know, if he arrives, all will be ended.

No, don't fear now, friend, you shall be safe tonight.
He creases the nether, he knits his eyebrows,
As he is forced to hear the scream of the souls.
Dreams, and memories, even titans cannot fight.

Tomorrow, he will travel the space again.
When he arrives, you will be the one to blame,
If your life is empty, if you live it in vain

Just lie down and trust, the Universe is vast,
Don't crease your blanket, don't look into your past.
I wish you a nice dream. This might be your last.


This sonnet is lively, with complex rhythms and a crisp volta. It also demonstrates a working knowledge of classical mythology, which is just too rare these days.

The Highest Art
by Craig

I was about to challenge You to a duel,
Lord Sargeras, a little competition
full of planetary demolition,
screaming, and sundered stars, with just one rule:
poetry would have been our only tool
of mass destruction, for the immolation
ignited by the pen wipes out creation
more surely than the sword, so I learned at school.

Then I recalled those who have challenged gods
and what became of them: turned into birds
or dolphins or a spider, or torn apart
by drunken women or a hunter’s dogs.
Not wanting such an end from impious words,
I realized that silence is the highest art.


The winning sonnet isn't especially artistic, lyrical, or evocative, but it is by far the funniest entry I received. And really, amusing the Dark Titan - isn't that what it's all about? Yes. Yes it is.

by Scott

An idyllic world with fields of flowers strewn
Peacefulness aside, it shan't be spared
Its mantle from its very core is hewn
You disagree? Your judgement is impaired.
He does it not to punish us for sins,
Nor does he do it to acquire riches;,
He doesn't even do it for the grins -
He does it just because it's *there*, bitches.
Some will try to flee his brand of fun
By offering to serve as his left hand,
But when he says "I DEFET EVERONE!!!1!!11"
What part of that do you not understand?
You think he'll let you live? He won't.
"EVERONE" means we all get pwnt.

Well, that's that. Congratulations to the winners! Each of you will be receiving something from the store. I'll be sending you an e-mail shortly to talk about the details of your prizes.

Thanks to everyone who participated!


Dazer said...

The poetry is really, quite good.
I liked the rhyme of 'won't' with a word w/o vowels. It really worked quite well. =)

Alej said...

Lmao defenitely a wise choice on the winner! that was a great sonnet haha and I agree with Dazer, wont and pwnt = perfection hahahaha - congrats! xD

Anonymous said...

Grats to the winners !

Ariedan said...

Second place was definitely my favorite, and this is coming from someone who isn't really a poetry fan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks all. The great thing about making His Ineffable Hugeness laugh a little is that, when he comes to destroy my world, he might recognize me, chuckle again, and snuff me quickly, rather than dragging out the torment.

Alas said...

Grats to the winners! Now I'm hoping to see a haiku contest...

merrde said...

I can see why you had so much trouble choosing a why can we not study poetry like this at school? Would you be interested in being Professor Sargeras?

Andrew said...

Sorry Scott but I think that the second place sonnet deserved to win.

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