Monday, July 13, 2009

Two lists

Here is a list of things I have eaten
big orcs
little orcs
medium-sized orcs
my own beard-fire (by accident)
kerosene (on purpose)
the third moon of Mars
eight thousand cows
Robert LeRoy Ripley
really big orcs
little chips off Icecrown Glacier
super tiny little orcs
the entire cast of The Sound Of Music
the "pe" in "shoppe"
Apple Cinnamon Cheerios
eight thousand Zerglings
all the little pieces of Alderaan
white dwarfs
slightly larger than average orcs
the strings in string theory
the id and the superego
orcs that are smaller than average but so slightly that you would not notice it
the Voyager spacecraft
Amelia Earhart
the humor in the Ctrl-Alt-Delete webcomic (OH SNAP AGAIN)
the fourth season of Star Trek
all of Nicholas Cage's facial expressions except for one
nihilism (yeah, it's gone, YOUR MOVE BITCHES)
brimstone milkshakes

Here is a list of things I spit out after I ate them


Anonymous said...

But no eating of Gnomes? Why?

Anonymous said...

Wait, you've EATEN /b/?

That must have been bad for your digestion, even with your Super Dark Titan Stomach of Doom.

Anonymous said...

You have a fascination for orcs and their... sizes...

MomentEye said...

I've eaten kerosene and beard fire too. Maybe one day I can grow up to be a real Titan.


Molinu said...

And this, my friends, is why we do not speak of Gromthuk the Slightly Taller than Average.

Soeroah said...



So it WAS the wrath of the gods that made it lost, but it wasn't because the gods were jealous or angered, just hungry.

Surely you've eaten more? If I were to read off a list of all the items in Scribblenauts, would you have eaten them all?

Sargeras said...

@ Anon #2: What do you think corrupted me to evil in the first place?

@ MomentEye: Should be worth at least a sixth toe.

@ Soeroah: Well, not ALL of them. Got to leave some for Scribblenauts!

Anonymous said...

Can you please eat Bjork again? I think she's terrorizing and torturing the earth more than you have or ever will with her singing...

Inka said...

Apple Cinnamon Cheerios! I thought no one liked those except me :-D

And what happened to the ego? How did it escape?

Nyaz said...

Oh come on! Couldn't you have kept Bjork down until she had digested properly? We don't really need her for... well... anything!

Alas said...

Eat more murlocs please! They, too, come in various sizes.

Anonymous said...

"the Voyager spacecraft"
First I thought of Star Trek: Voyager. Then I thought of V'ger in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. So naturally when you said
"the fourth season of Star Trek"
my face went something like this.
Did you also eat the skill of the writers for the third season? Are you responsible for the likes of "Spock's Brain" and "Plato's Stepchildren"?

Warraven said...

Molinu is an orc. Eat him.

Sargeras said...

@ Inka: Apple Cinnamon Cheerios are fantastic. As for the ego, I believe it survived using Donald Trump as a host body.

@ lostmyreligion: Yes, but I claim no responsibility for the alien Nazi episode of Enterprise.

@ Warraven: >>}8^O

Otome said...

"eight thousand cows"
This is why there is no cow level. It was eaten.

"the humor in the Ctrl-Alt-Delete webcomic"
I wondered what happened to that. Makes perfect sense.

"all of Nicholas Cage's facial expressions except for one"
Out of curiosity, did you eat Steven Seagal's facial expressions too?

Geckomayhem said...

Technically, that last one isn't a list. Ctrl-alt-del has become more of a melodrama than a gaming sketch. I continue to read it simply because of the story.

When you say the fourth season of Star Trek, which series are you talking about: the original (wasn't it called The Final Frontier, or something?), The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, or Enterprise? Why not just go ahead and eat season 9 of Smallville and Stargate Universe while you're at it. ;)

Anonymous said...

what?? gummi worms aren't on the list??

or anorexic orcs?

and I can't believe you would eat those sickening sweet Apple Cinnamon Cheerios...unless - perhaps - they were dowsed in Fiery Salsa?

Sargeras said...

@ Otome: I tried, but they were too tough so I fed them to my pet black hole.

@ Timotheos: How about the only one that didn't air a fourth season. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Sargeras ate Mankriks wife... o.0
...... /lurkfish

Anonymous said...

White dwarves...what about the black dwarves???!!! And I thought you were an equal opportunity destroyer...

Daníel Leó said...

hahaha, being a icelander, i laughed hard at the björk part :p

you should have kept her down though... i personally don't want her around =p

tour and travel said...

Eat more murlocs please! They, too, come in various sizes.

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