Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Haiku #52

Under my nails is
dust from ten thousand deserts,
smog of cities lost.


Anonymous said...

Do you ever clean your nails?

MomentEye said...

Some time in my life
I wanted to see Europe
Too late now, I guess


Geckomayhem said...

The first line is six syllables. :(

Life is full of win
If you focus on your goals
Onward, to glory!

Sorcer said...

In Europe there is
more than just England and France
so come and visit!

Anonymous said...

@ Timotheos:

Can you count?

1 Un
2 der
3 my
4 nails
5 is

Sargeras said...

@ Sorcer: Where are you from?

@ Timotheos: Anon's right. "Nails" is one syllable.

Sorcer said...

A little country called Germany...
which I sometimes secretly wanna incinerate^^
With your help it would be much faster :)

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