Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i has a wiki

And here it is. Although their servers seem to be running a bit slow at the moment.

Of course, my original problem remains unresolved.

Fun fact: planets are like wikis! You can create them, edit them, and delete them. Deleting is my favorite.


Anthony Clarke said...

There servers aren't the only slow ones.
Do you listen to any music, sarge?

Sargeras said...

I like the Monkees, the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, and Beethoven's Seventh.


Anthony Clarke said...

Aerosmith, things like that. Any demon bands in your mighty legion?

Sargeras said...

Heh, are you kidding? That's like all they do.

We'd have this universe conquered by now if we weren't doing shows all the frickin' time.

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