Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The spelling lesson...of EVIL

As an evil overlord, I am narcissistic by nature, which means (among other things) that I would like my underlings to spell my name correctly.

How well is that happening?

Let's break it down.

Google Searches For My Name, Arranged By Frequency
Sargeras - 832
Sargaras - 26
Sageras - 14
Sargares - 8
Sargereas - 6
Segeras - 5
Seargeras - 4
Sargears - 4
Saergerus - 3
Saregerus - 3
Saregeras - 3
Sargeas - 2
Sergeras - 2
Sagreras - 1
Sargaeres - 1
Sargearas - 1
Sargeris - 1

If my math is correct (and it should be, owing to my staggering awesomeness) that's 90.83% of y'all who got my name right on the first try. For the Internet, that's pretty good - I'm impressed! But for the other 9.17%, here's a little rhyme to help you remember.

S is for the sound of smashing, soothing and sublime
A is for the ancient ages, aeons lost in time
R is for relentless rage, the ruler's only rule
G is for galactic games the giant thinks are cool
E is for the endless effort of entropic ebb
R is for the razing of Anub'arak's cold web
A is for apocalypse, and aeons pass again...
Second S for Sargeras, the snarling sire of sin!

I trust we'll get it right in the future?


Alej said...

That kindda reminds me of a song.. (for which I will probably get killed by the Almighty "Saregerus")

L is for the way you look at me...
O is for the only one I see
V is very very, extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore

Sorry, I couldn't resist ^^.

Soeroah said...

If not, you could always sear it into their heads with molten power.

Only they might die before they spell your name correctly.

Anthony Clarke said...

Best poem ever, sarge.

*almost posts f.u.n. song*

spongebob references ftl.

Shanarah said...

I love it. It rhymes and everything.

gamergirl said...

yay for dislectia-no wait dislexia....no......darn it....

btw you're pretty awesome ;D

Sargeras said...

@ Alej: Ain't nothin' wrong with a little Nat King Cole.

@ Soeroah: You've just pinpointed the major obstacle to searing knowledge with molten power. Educators, take note!

@ tom, Tracy, & gamergirl: Aw, shucks. You guys are the best.

Tinox said...

I just noticed that 'Sargeras' is almost a palindrome. Nobody searched for 'Saregras' according to your statistics though. Hmm...

Also, this prompted me to search for Sargeras anagrams, and I as disappointed by my failure to get any funny one. Closest I got was 'Rears gas'.

Sargeras said...

Yeah "Saregeras" would do it for a palindrome wouldn't it? But then, I suppose a name that's the same forward and backward wouldn't be very true to the "entropy" theme...

As for anagrams, I found "ear grass" an amusing mental image.

Unknown said...

Wouldnt it be "Arranged by Frequency"?

Sargeras said...

Well, I guess technically they are *also* arranged by spelling...

Thanks for the correction. ;-)

Unknown said...

NP, as long as theres a special place for me in the twisting nether.

Anonymous said...

You, sir, are my idol. <3

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