Friday, April 10, 2009

Top ten things to do as I'm destroying Earth

10. Roast marshmallows by holding them up to the sky.
9. Make out.
8. Rock out.
7. Watch Requiem for a Dream.
6. Go up to the guys with "End Is Near" signs and yell, "No shit!"
5. Run Molten Core with your Level 80.
3. Call your friends and be like "Hey what do you want to do tomorrow oh wait"
2. Post on Twitter. "sky is turning red" "ground is shaking" "I'm fixing myself a sandwich"

...and the number one thing to do as I'm destroying the Earth:

1. Keep hitting Refresh on this blog because I'll be giving you an up-to-the-minute play-by-play!

Other ideas? Post 'em in the comments! Have a great Easter weekend, everybody!


Kittykins said...

Would be a great day for a barbaque, no need to worry about food poisoning so long as you don't mind your meat well done.

Amnar said...

Or yourselve?

Molinu said...

I second Kittykins barbecue idea, but as-is it's just not evil enough. Just to twist that knife a bit harder, hold an endangered-species barbecue on PETA's front lawn. For added evil, keep a frequently-updated scoresheet of how many species have gone extinct during the apocalypse.

Mmmm. Medium-Well Panda Steaks.

Sargeras said...

@ Kittykins: It would certainly be a good time to try and break the record, wouldn't it?

@ Molinu: Hey, are you people trying to get me in trouble with PETA? Think of the hamsters!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sargeras,

You couldn't destroy Azeroth in 10000 years. I doubt you can destroy Earth.

Molinu said...

@Sargeras: I am thinking of the hamsters. Tasty, tasty hamsters. Medium well to well done, a touch of pepper and steak sauce...

Breeanna said...

If you need someone to make out with as you come destroy earth, I'm a sexy little draenei priest LF Action. I can't promise, as it will be my last living moments, that I won't want to take it further...

Breeanna is blue
Sargeras is red-ish
I'm going to leave this world
Fulfilling a fetish!

Breeanna of Undermine-US

Sargeras said...

And she writes poetry too! But somehow, Breeanna, I doubt you're 18,000 years old, and so it just wouldn't be right...

Anonymous said...

7. Watch Requiem for a Dream.


Sargeras said...

Because there's no other movie I know that's more effective at putting you in a life-is-meaningless, we're-all-gonna-die mentality.

I mean, if you're not into that, there's always The Princess Bride. ;-)

Jae said...

Life-is-meaningless mood? Might I suggest Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind? That always manages to snatch my misery from the jaws of joy.

Anonymous said...

For extra evil I'd suggest flames that spread slowly. Simply instead of burning to death in seconds we can suffocate in a few hours. This also gives time for us to reguarly check this blog for the species going extinct counter.

Klinderas said...

You know what's better than rocking out?

The destruction of the world to this:

If you're going to blow up the world, you might as well be funny too.

Sargeras said...

@ Jae: ESotSM is artsy but isn't really all that soul-crushing IMO. Certainly not compared to RfaD.

@ Anonymous: Man, I'm evil, I'm not sadistic or anything.

@ Klinderas: Hah, cool. Makes me wish I'd watched more of SG-1 than just the few episodes I've seen. It really was an awesome show.

Anthony Clarke said...

Or you could, ya know, watch firefly. It was a great show.

oh, and @jojoza-

I think we all know that aezeroth was merely a setback.

Oh, and sarge, any more Scourge Chat Logs coming?

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