Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Wordy Warrior

You may have noticed that until now, I haven't linked to any other WoW blogs on my sidebar. Why? Because I'm evil. Evil I say! HAHAHAHAHAHA*hiccup*

Okay, that's part of it. But there's more. Two other reasons, actually.

First, there just aren't that many other WoW blogs out there that I really love. I don't do link exchanges, and I don't do links just to "fill up my blogroll." I only want to link to sites that are genuinely worth my readers' time.

And the second reason is, I'm a titan. I don't actually play World of Warcraft. So the blogs that focus on a probabilistic statistical analysis of blood elf paladin DPS are not exactly my cup of...well, you know.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across The Wordy Warrior, a blog that conveys useful information about guild dynamics and play styles while maintaining a broader, non-technical perspective. As something of a "guild leader" myself, I can appreciate this sort of thing.

It's a new blog - even newer than mine - but it has a lot going for it. She sticks to a consistent update schedule. Her site design is clean and professional. Oh, one other thing - and you may want to sit down for this - she spells and punctuates correctly.

I know!

Anyway, go check it out. The Wordy Warrior: so good, I'll feel a momentary twinge of regret when I destroy it!


Anonymous said...

"...she spells and punctuates correctly."You know, one would think that wouldn't be such a difficult thing to find in the blogging community. It grieves me to stumble upon a well liked blog (WoW-themed or otherwise), only to find the blog author's writing lackluster and his/her grasp of the English language leaving something to be desired. Oh well, we can't all be as good as you, Sargeras, with your destroying of the universe and all that.

Thanks for the plug, by the way! The kind words mean a lot (Sargeras? Kind? Is that an oxymoron?). Oh, and answer my e-mail!

Sargeras said...

English FTW indeed. Although I've gotta say, overall, the writing quality among blogs in general has been higher than I expected...

Soeroah said...

It is part of his M.O. He talks sweet to people and BAM, they are turned into demons and/or canon fodder.

Just look at the Eredar!

Sargeras said...

Shhhhh...don't tell her my secrets!!

Merlot said...

May I inquire how much it costs to buy a titan's endorsement?

Sargeras said...

What! My endorsement is not for sale at any price! I'm surprised you could even ask!

(whisper) Are you acquainted with my friend Mr. Benjamin Franklin?

Alas said...

Thanks for sharing this - she's brilliant!

Anonymous said...

@ Merlot
For his support, it cost me my soul, my firstborn child, and my left pinky. Don't ask about the pinky.. titans have some weird kinks.

Merlot said...

I want to know about the pinkies now :)

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