Monday, April 20, 2009

Scourge Chat Log #3

"He who hears not the music thinks the dancer mad."
-African proverb

"On the other hand, if you actually are crazy, a soundtrack doesn't really help."
-Lews Therin Telamon

***User "theLichKing" has entered the chat.***

[theLichKing]: Oh shit oh shit oh shit

[theLichKing]: oh shit

***User "Kel'Thuz4d" has entered the chat.***

[Kel’Thuz4d]: you called, my liege

[theLichKing]: We're fucked

[Kel’Thuz4d]: what did you want

[theLichKing]: We're fucked. Someone leaked one of our chat logs to the Internet.

[theLichKing]: And it got posted, like, everywhere but

[theLichKing]: And Blizzard got hold of it

[theLichKing]: And now they want to meet with us to have a "powwow" about "corporate policy"

[theLichKing]: We're hosed

[Kel’Thuz4d]: whos blizzard

[theLichKing]: What?

[Kel’Thuz4d]: is that an ice elemental

[theLichKing]: You've got to be fing kidding me.

***User "Killzone'jaeden" has entered the chat.***

[Killzone’jaeden]: This had better be more important than the last time you summoned me

[Killzone’jaeden]: From my dark throne in the depths of the seething chaos in the rift between dimensions

[Killzone’jaeden]: To discuss your heating bill

[Kel’Thuz4d]: one of his ice elementals is rebelling

[Kel’Thuz4d]: and it wants to have a discussion

[Killzone’jaeden]: *facestab*

[Kel’Thuz4d]: wait whose face are we stabbing

[Kel’Thuz4d]: this is a question of some importance for me

[theLichKing]: GUYS

[theLichKing]: There's no ice elemental. Our chat log leaked and Blizzard's going to fire us.

***User "Sindragosa1337" has entered the chat.***

[Sindragosa1337]: whats t3h h33zy sh33zy

[Kel’Thuz4d]: a blizzard is on fire and its leaking

[Sindragosa1337]: rid1culous

[Sindragosa1337]: as a fr0st wyrm i can s4y wit some auth0rity that the scenario you describe

[Sindragosa1337]: is pretty much ret4rded

[theLichKing]: Kel'thuzad, shut up. Sindragosa, you know who Blizzard is right?

[Sindragosa1337]: and now we're p3rs0nifying it

[Sindragosa1337]: can i leave?

[Killzone’jaeden]: Based on past experience, I'd say our suffering has only begun.

***User "An00b'arak" has entered the chat.***

[Killzone’jaeden]: Aaaand I'm right.

[theLichKing]: Anub, you know who Blizzard is, right?

[An00b’arak]: of course

[theLichKing]: Finally. Someone who's not a complete ignoramus.

[An00b’arak]: dq sells them

[An00b’arak]: they are delicious

***User "BlizzardRep" has entered the chat.***


[BlizzardRep]: ...

[theLichKing]: What he means to say is

[theLichKing]: "Hi! How are you?"

[Kel’Thuz4d]: *licks the blizzard*

[Killzone’jaeden]: Oh gross

[Killzone’jaeden]: You don't know where that's been

[Killzone’jaeden]: Also, since when do you have a tongue

[BlizzardRep]: Everybody be quiet please.

[theLichKing]: Yes sir.

[Killzone’jaeden]: Oh you call *him* sir.

[theLichKing]: He's from Blizzard. They're the gods of our universe.

[Sindragosa1337]: u mean like c'th0n

[theLichKing]: No! I mean they're the Creators.

[Kel’Thuz4d]: u mean like the titans

[theLichKing]: No! I mean they're behind everything we do.

[An00b’arak]: u mean like that creepy gnome

[BlizzardRep]: Everyone! Please be quiet for a second!

[An00b’arak]: what r titans

[Killzone’jaeden]: Oh for Pete's sake


[Killzone’jaeden]: ...

[Sindragosa1337]: ...

[theLichKing]: ...

[BlizzardRep]: Now. We have a situation.

[BlizzardRep]: A chat log timestamped March 20, between some of the major Scourge and Burning Legion leaders, has been leaked to the Internet.

[BlizzardRep]: Followed a short time later by another.

[BlizzardRep]: These documents make us look, to put it charitably, ridiculous.

[BlizzardRep]: Lich King.

[theLichKing]: Y-yes...

[BlizzardRep]: You are the face of our expansion. We rely on you to project a good image for our entire brand.

[BlizzardRep]: Tell me. Do you find anything amusing about performing sexual acts...on a potato?

[theLichKing]: No sir. Absolutely not.

[Killzone’jaeden]: *snicker*

[An00b’arak]: amusing, moar like satisfying

[Kel’Thuz4d]: ahem, can u please describe said acts in greater detail

[Sindragosa1337]: XD

[BlizzardRep]: The farmers' groups are already complaining.

[BlizzardRep]: And I'm sorry to say, you fared _best_ out of everyone.

[BlizzardRep]: Kil'jaeden, Kel'thuzad, and Sindragosa.

[BlizzardRep]: Your blatant prejudice is shocking. Our company values diversity above all. I am very disappointed in you.

[Sindragosa1337]: tl;dr

[Killzone’jaeden]: Are you a snow cone or a chatbot? We sort of have a bet going.

[BlizzardRep]: Phylumism, were it an actual thing, would go against everything we stand for as a corporation.

[An00b’arak]: yes thats what ive been saying thank you thank you

[An00b’arak]: >8< >8> <8< <8> >8< spider priiiiiide

[An00b’arak]: free at last

[An00b’arak]: whose awesome

[An00b’arak]: im awesome

[An00b’arak]: whose awesome

[An00b’arak]: im awesome

[BlizzardRep]: Anub'arak.

[An00b’arak]: yessssssssss

[BlizzardRep]: You're an idiot.

[Killzone’jaeden]: Huzzah!

[BlizzardRep]: Azjol-Nerub and Naxxramas have become a laughingstock.

[Sindragosa1337]: is this an 4pril f00ls j0ke

[Kel’Thuz4d]: no bc if it was then kiljaeden be like "Huzzah!"

[Kel’Thuz4d]: and teh chat would be like

[Kel’Thuz4d]: Killzone'jaeden stands up and burps mightily "Huzzah!"

[Kel’Thuz4d]: And does the hokey pokey

[Kel’Thuz4d]: And LARPs

[An00b’arak]: listen

[An00b’arak]: we dont have to take this

[BlizzardRep]: Funny thing, you do, actually.

[BlizzardRep]: Let me introduce you to a little script I call

[BlizzardRep]: /beatdown

[Killzone’jaeden]: OH SHI-

[theLichKing]: aaaaaaahhhhh

[Sindragosa1337]: t3h p41n!1

[An00b’arak]: oh im gonna start twitching i can tell already

[Kel’Thuz4d]: *literalheaddesk*

[An00b’arak]: here it goes, the twitching

[theLichKing]: OMG

[An00b’arak]: dsuihweoiuefhweuihgweowghazdsdddddddddddddddddddddd

[An00b’arak]: sdlksdfjffhfskl;;;sdhfs;;;;;;

[An00b’arak]: sajdldjksjkl

[An00b’arak]: and were done

[BlizzardRep]: It's not you numbskulls I'm worried about though.

[BlizzardRep]: It's this Sargeras character

[BlizzardRep]: Who started

[BlizzardRep]: An effing

[BlizzardRep]: Blog.

[An00b’arak]: hsjjhskjdkjdkdjd

[An00b’arak]: sry aftershock

[BlizzardRep]: Where the hell is Sargeras anyway?

[Killzone’jaeden]: Ok about that. I guarantee he did not start a blog

[theLichKing]: Yeah I can back him up on this actually. Sargeras is not what you would call...creative.

[Kel’Thuz4d]: ...literate.

[Killzone’jaeden]: ...sentient.

[BlizzardRep]: I'm not wrong about this.

***User "~*`Sylvanas'*~" has entered the chat.***

[theLichKing]: Oh no not this again

[~*`Sylvanas’*~]: What are you talking about, Arthas? I'm just responding to the Blizzard summons as ordered.

[~*`Sylvanas’*~]: I respect the wishes of our programmers.

[theLichKing]: Well I don't. Screw you Blizzard!

[theLichKing]: No it's her! She's saying that!

[theLichKing]: No, it was me. I have schizophrenia.

[theLichKing]: It's the whole two-souls-in-one-body thing.

[theLichKing]: I do NOT have schizophrenia!

[theLichKing]: Right, I'm just arguing with myself

[theLichKing]: Nothing schizo about that

[theLichKing]: It's Sylvanas! She's betraying me!

[theLichKing]: "Sylvanas" is what I call my other personality.

[theLichKing]: OMG

[theLichKing]: Make her stop

[theLichKing]: Isn't it interesting that my other personality is a woman?

[theLichKing]: *makes out with self*

[theLichKing]: Ew! Gross!

[theLichKing]: Oh right I forgot I only do it with vegetables

[Killzone’jaeden]: I could listen to this for hours.

[BlizzardRep]: /beatdown

[Killzone’jaeden]: OW STOP OKAY

[An00b’arak]: wehgpwhghgrpihwgpghwpwghiugnibgnwiug4nuigrnibniehnrgphngrpiwhaoigwhgoihrg94984hgriruwh

[An00b’arak]: dont mind me

[An00b’arak]: the twitching is oddly enjoyable

[BlizzardRep]: Where is Sargeras?

[Kel’Thuz4d]: *shrug*

[Killzone’jaeden]: I'll go get him

***User "Killzone'jaeden" has left the chat.***

[Kel’Thuz4d]: *sings* so ready now for ullll-du-ar

[theLichKing]: Aw man don't get that stuck in my head again

[theLichKing]: Now I'll be singing it for hours

[Kel’Thuz4d]: nah it's easy to get rid of it, just insert something else even catchier

[theLichKing]: NO DON'T

[Kel’Thuz4d]: this was a triumph... im making a note here, huge success

[theLichKing]: It's hard to ohhhhh-verstate my saaaaaaa-tisfaction... AAAARRRGGGGHH

[theLichKing]: *WRATH*

***User "Killzone'jaeden" has entered the chat.***

[Killzone’jaeden]: Sargeras isn't available at the moment.

[BlizzardRep]: Isn't. Available.

[Killzone’jaeden]: Um, it's a little thing called

[Killzone’jaeden]: "The Burning Crusade"

[BlizzardRep]: What.


[BlizzardRep]: I KNOW WHAT IT IS

[Killzone’jaeden]: Well you're pretty knowledgeable for a snowcone aintcha?

[BlizzardRep]: ...seriously?

[BlizzardRep]: Does *nobody* here know who I am? What Blizzard is?

[BlizzardRep]: Does nobody get what this is about?

[BlizzardRep]: Does anyone even care about the customers?

[theLichKing]: I do!

[BlizzardRep]: The vote of Mr. Potato Head...does not count.

[BlizzardRep]: Anyone else?

[An00b’arak]: still twitching...

[An00b’arak]: ...

[An00b’arak]: ...

[An00b’arak]: ...

[An00b’arak]: ...done.

[BlizzardRep]: Ok fine. Listen, I'm going to explain it.

[BlizzardRep]: In the beginning there was Warcraft, and it was good.

[Kel’Thuz4d]: *gets popcorn*

[BlizzardRep]: Then came Warcraft II and Warcraft III. But the people wanted more. And lo, Blizzard looked upon Evercrack, and saw that its power could be turned to its own purposes.

[BlizzardRep]: And Blizzard did smile down from upon its high throne, and release World of Warcraft unto the masses.

[BlizzardRep]: And WoW begat BC, which begat WotLK.

[BlizzardRep]: NOW do you get it?

[Sindragosa1337]: omg tfl;dr

***User "Sindragosa1337" has left the chat.***

[BlizzardRep]: *sigh*

[Kel’Thuz4d]: so wait

[Kel’Thuz4d]: ur the one who created the titans

[BlizzardRep]: Yes!

[Kel’Thuz4d]: ur the one who bestows patches

[BlizzardRep]: Yes...

[Kel’Thuz4d]: ur the one who controls the pixels

[BlizzardRep]: Yes.

[Kel’Thuz4d]: then y are u working for dairy queen

[BlizzardRep]: F A C E

[BlizzardRep]: P A L M

***User "SARGERAS" has entered the chat.***


[SARGERAS]: I will... destroy.. the worlds...

[SARGERAS]: *sigh* My heart's just not in it today, guys.

[Kel’Thuz4d]: awww

[Killzone’jaeden]: It's okay, Master. It happens to the best of us.

[Killzone’jaeden]: I myself once went three whole weeks without ripping apart anyone's soul.

[SARGERAS]: Really?


[SARGERAS]: I've just felt so...down, lately.

[SARGERAS]: I keep getting all these "Cease And Desist" letters

[SARGERAS]: When all I want to do is write on my blog

[SARGERAS]: And blow up planets

[SARGERAS]: And sell T-shirts at a ridiculously inflated profit margin

[BlizzardRep]: Yeah ABOUT THAT

[BlizzardRep]: Do you have any idea how many copyright laws you've violated in the past month?

[BlizzardRep]: You can't misuse our copyrighted works!

[SARGERAS]: I *am* your copyrighted works

[BlizzardRep]: Aha! So you admit it!

[BlizzardRep]: This is an outrage!

[BlizzardRep]: You will stop what you're doing at once!

[BlizzardRep]: Blah blah blah I'm boring blah blah copyright!! >:O

[~*`Sylvanas’*~]: OH NO SHE DIDUNT

[BlizzardRep]: Oh you want a piece of me?

[~*`Sylvanas’*~]: bring it lactose boy

[BlizzardRep]: It's on like Donkey Kong

[~*`Sylvanas’*~]: lets do this thing

[BlizzardRep]: *prepares /GMbeatdown*

[~*`Sylvanas’*~]: *assumes dramatic stance*

[theLichKing]: *puts on Angry Eyes*

[Killzone’jaeden]: *chargin his laser*

[An00b’arak]: *wets self quietly*

[Kel’Thuz4d]: STOP!!!

[Kel’Thuz4d]: have we lost our way? turning on one another like enemies? arent we all in this together, really?

[Kel’Thuz4d]: dont we all want EA to fail?

[Killzone’jaeden]: He's right.

[Kel’Thuz4d]: Really?

[Killzone’jaeden]: NO! What are you, dense? We've the villains

[Killzone’jaeden]: GET HIM

[~*`Sylvanas’*~]: chaaaaaarge



[theLichKing]: ...

[Killzone’jaeden]: ...

[Kel’Thuz4d]: ok so, this is a chat, we cant actually fight

[theLichKing]: Right.

[Killzone’jaeden]: Right you are then

[SARGERAS]: Glad that's settled.

***User "~*`Sylvanas'*~" has left the chat.***

[BlizzardRep]: /beatdown

[Killzone’jaeden]: AAGGGH SERIOUSLY

***User "Killzone'jaeden" has left the chat.***

***User "Kel'Thuz4d" has left the chat.***

[theLichKing]: Listen I just wanted to say I'm sorry about the whole chat log thing

[BlizzardRep]: Just make sure it doesn't happen again.

[theLichKing]: Of course. Certainly not. No more chat logs posted again, ever!

[theLichKing]: And if your programmers just have a second sometime to adjust the heat settings in my throne room...

[BlizzardRep]: Get out of my presence!

[theLichKing]: *shiver*

***User "theLichKing" has left the chat.***

[SARGERAS]: That went well.

[BlizzardRep]: OUT!!

***User "SARGERAS" has left the chat.***

[BlizzardRep]: *sigh* Shigeru Miyamoto doesn't have to put up with this shit.

***User "BlizzardRep" has left the chat.***

[An00b’arak]: <.<

[An00b’arak]: >.>

[An00b’arak]: /beatdown

[An00b’arak]: wehwoihweoweihfweihwefoiuhnkjewhiuh3oih3io34iuf3bniouff4iu84h7hwaeiufhiowwf

[An00b’arak]: oweihjfewphwiwehawfpoi3983

[An00b’arak]: owahifewpwhfepwfhewf

[An00b’arak]: weoihf

[An00b’arak]: ...

[An00b’arak]: ^_^

***User "An00b'arak" has left the chat.***

Hope you enjoyed it. Oh, and thanks to commenter "Alkaliho" for the Lich King schizophrenia idea!


MomentEye said...

Great. Now I want ice cream.
You really are evil.

Anonymous said...

and yet this one finds the way to the net. I also notice you are the only one not effected by /beatdown

hail the mighty dark titan!

Alkaliho said...

/beatdown jwfbib;qb45634644hhfowwfdmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

oooh, thats gooooooooood



Soeroah said...

Awesome! Break that fourth wall!

Sargeras said...

@ MomentEye: It's the most elaborate subliminal advertising ever.

@ Anonymous: Being a titan has some advantages.

@ Alkaliho: Well, it does make perfect sense after all. :-)

@ Soeroah:'s very "meta."

Anonymous said...

Kel’Thuz4d's "ice elemental" banter had me cracking up the entire time.
On another note, my guild was laughing with me on vent as we read it together. Guilds that stay together worship Sargeras together!

Anonymous said...

You were the one leaking the chat logs, weren't you! Since you do run this blog after all... >.>

There there, people have their down days, probably that post you made about Azeroth brought back some painful memories. It'll pass sometime and you'll be happily crushing solar systems in no time. Wish you a swift recovery, my lord!

Anonymous said...

Solid Gold Bro!

Anonymous said...

NO!!! There it goes again! Beatdown pending! Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh... the anticipation kills!

Tinox said...

I'll start using that emote at every boss fight now.

Also, some of your pals are pretty clueless, aren't they?

Red said... We have actual written proof that Blizzard really is a gigantic evil entity. Someone somewhere is throwing a party and yelling "I TOLD U GUYZ BLIZARD WUZ ANTI-CRHIST!"
Except they're not yelling. That's what they use as their 'inside' voice. *siiiiigh*

Now to go Google where a damned DQ is in my neighborhood. Grrr....

Unknown said...

Thars win here in this post!

Unknown said...

"[theLichKing]: Oh shit oh shit oh shit

[theLichKing]: oh shit

***User "Kel'Thuz4d" has entered the chat.***

[Kel’Thuz4d]: you called, my liege"

Arthas doesn't look too highly on his minions, calling them shit and all...

Anonymous said...

The shizophrenic part rocks everything.

... except the spide pride dance >8< >8> <8< <8> >8< !!

Member of Kirin Tor council said...

But Lord, why don't you take things into your hands? Surely it shouldn't be a problem for grand destroyer of worlds like you, paying a visit to that small planet called Earth and destroying Blizzard representatives. And even if it fails you can always simply get back to Twisting Nether and try again.

Lx said...

I've read the wheel of time, when does the Dragon ever say something about soundtracks Oo

nvm, scourge chat rocks, although i think Anub got away to lightly, perhaps u could make things right, where Blizz failed...

can't remember Anub being on ure "set on fire" list, perhaps the time for a little update, oh mighty dark one :)

Sargeras said...

@ WordyWarrior: That's what the Burning Legion is all about, really...bringing people together! And then of course annihilating them.

@ bigfootgolem: *sniff* You guys are the best.

@ Arthas: "Beatdown pending"...see now I'm just imagining a beatdown queue, and it's awesome.

@ Tinox: One might say that.@ Ben: Hah, I didn't even notice that...

@ MoKTc: You really *do* want me to get sued, dontcha? "Your Honor, I now present Exhibit B, in which the defendant threatens the lives of..."

@ Lx: I think it was one of comments.

Anonymous said...

Keep 'em coming! I *never* ... in my life ... have followed a blog. Ever! Now I can't stop and have even gone to the edge of madness and started my own, something I told myself I would never ever ever do. Why Sargeras!? Why?!?!?!

Sargeras said...

Because I choose to. Wait...this isn't The Matrix, is it?

Anyway, thanks! Glad you enjoy it. :-D

Otome said...

Dark lord, I certainly wish for you to feel better so you can continue erasing planets from the universe once again.

Jae said...

Sir, are you truly getting C&D letters?

Because that's horrible if so.

If I had a job I would totally buy a t-shirt at the horribly inflated profit margin.


Warraven said...

@Jae - Nah. For someone intent on destroying all worlds he's done his homework on the legality of... stuff.

And yes! Buy a t-shirt! If you buy the Wyrms before worms one I might have enough to get a candy bar!

/beatdown should be an in-game emote. I'm going to start using it in raid chat now.

i <3 Kil'jaeden.

Unknown said...

Okay so I'm not sure how to put this...


>_> <_<

Sargeras said...

@ Otome: Very kind. Already I find myself cheered by your mortal optimism.

@ Jae: Not to worry. Hypothetical money is just as good as real money, if our banking system is to be believed. ;-)

@ Warraven: <_< >_> I <3 Azeroth.

@ Pie: That's great! When you propose to your significant other, do it exactly like that.

Anthony Clarke said...

So, there are more to come, right?



Sargeras said... be honest I think if I do any more, it'll start getting stale. I'd rather keep it fresh, try different things with the blog for a while.

I'm not saying never, but probably not anytime soon, not unless I get the inspiration for something great.

Glad you liked it though. :-D

Tirion Fordring said...


For an Evil world consuming entity, you sure lack typing skills when your caps lock is on...

As for me..


Pinkfinger said...

a blizzard is on fire and its leaking

thank you for more silly things for my guild to laugh at.

Anthony Clarke said...

Yeah, i just wanted to know.


i should introduce my guild to this.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, as i recall, wasn't Kel the one who barged in on the Lich's little potato love session with 'TMIgeddon'? Why is he so interested now...?

Warraven said...

@bigfootgolem - My guess is Kel recognizes the benefits of anything that embaresses Arthas. After all, Lich King kinda left him high and dry in Naxx to be farmed by every 25-man that comes through and only sends piddly bugs to assist Kel when he yells for help.

@Tirion - ....marry me? I may not be exalted with the Argent Crusade yet, but we can still make it work...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps--though Kel'Thuzad does not wholeheartedly approve of it--he favors roots of a different kind.

Bezz said...

Read that you weren't considering making another chat log, but I gotta say: why not expand if you're gonna end it eventually? What I'm saying is, go global for a log or two. Ruffle Aggramar's feather's a bit, taunt a paladin or two that can do nothing more than sit and wait to die, and spread some spider pride (>8<, had to do it) into Azeroth. Maybe Anub would be so pleased by that that he'd *gasp* shut up for a bit.

It's a strange thought, I know. Maybe I'm just insane.

Eley said...

Aperture Science:
We do what we must because we can.
For the good of all of us
Except the ones who are dead.

<3 Portal references

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ahahaha, this was even more hilarious than the other two.

Andre said...

>8< Spider Pride!


qiaefougb08ywge9ft78r6d7t6erutrdjtdtju kfuviydt ye4u6efvkuigvl, iug srthuj
... ok done twitching now :p

Anonymous said...

funny stuff. the tl;dr got me rolling. i think the next time a blizzard rep comes in, he should come in gm style - 'By the light of the moon, blah blah blah. WTF?! YOU LET ANOTHER ONE LEAK OUT?!!!' i see some interesting banter off-shooting that.

Unknown said...

portal reference.... for the WIN

Anonymous said...

I am suprised you did not do a Scourge chat with Illidan and Kael'thas included.

Anonymous said...

then y are u working for dairy queen

Priceless. :D

Anonymous said...

omg tfl;dr

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Sindragosa is still the bomb

[Kel’Thuz4d]: a blizzard is on fire and its leaking

[Sindragosa1337]: rid1culous

[Sindragosa1337]: as a fr0st wyrm i can s4y wit some auth0rity that the scenario you describe

[Sindragosa1337]: is pretty much ret4rded

Jacob said...

I know you're gone, but I'm still reading!

Anonymous said...

can't... stop... laughing....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

[~*`Sylvanas’*~]: *assumes dramatic stance*
[theLichKing]: *puts on Angry Eyes*
[Killzone’jaeden]: *chargin his laser*
[An00b’arak]: *wets self quietly*

Pure win!!! Keep it coming! :D

Anonymous said...

omg i loled so hard that my tummy hurts.../beatdown
ok every other part of body hurts like tummy ;)

Anonymous said...

soooo...w8 this was the last scourge chat????? NOOOOO IT CANT BEEEEEE PSL I HURRRTSSSSS!!!!! if you dont make another one by the time cata comes out i am going to find you and adminhack your realm so you will think silvanas is harrasing you xD

Anonymous said...

You need to make MORE this stuff is AWSOME. You should have one where Garrosh Hellscream comes in and starts, well, screaming!
ps his name should be garyhellscream

Anonymous said...

omg im gonna get my guild reading this, its brilliant! and soo funny :D

Anonymous said...

/ beatdown xD

An00b'arak said...

***User "BlizzardRep" has left the chat.***

[An00b’arak]: <.<

[An00b’arak]: >.>

[An00b’arak]: /beatdown

[An00b’arak]: wehwoihweoweihfweihwefoiuhnkjewhiuh3oih3io34iuf3bniouff4iu84h7hwaeiufhiowwf

[An00b’arak]: oweihjfewphwiwehawfpoi3983

[An00b’arak]: owahifewpwhfepwfhewf

[An00b’arak]: weoihf

[An00b’arak]: ...

[An00b’arak]: ^_^

***User "An00b'arak" has left the chat.***

Anonymous said...


I couldn't stop laughing at that

Anonymous said...

okay, how can a ice elemental be on fire? erm... thats a little weird xD


priceless. LOL!

Anonymous said...

i want some more or else i'll get my char to obliterate u hopefully blizz will understand

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten about these until just recently.

Oh, how i have enjoyed revisiting these chat logs. Truly brilliant mate.


Anonymous said...

Why did you have to do the

[Kel’Thuz4d]: this was a triumph... im making a note here, huge success

[theLichKing]: It's hard to ohhhhh-verstate my saaaaaaa-tisfaction... AAAARRRGGGGHH

part... It's stuck in my head now >.<


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