Friday, May 8, 2009

The Sargeras Emoticon

After much consideration, I have decided to bestow upon you, my readers, the glory of my personal emoticon. Here it is. Gaze at it in wonder.


It is a whopping six characters long, which is a lot of characters (unless you're reading a Robert Jordan book, zing) so you should use it sparingly. Only invoke this potent symbol to signify that a comment or situation is truly of geography-sundering caliber.

Here are some situations where it is appropriate:

"I just beat Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels without dying! >>}8^O"

"The ice cream store has stopped charging money, and also Natalie Portman works there now. >>}8^O"

"My skin is on fire and I can control people with my mind!!1 >>}8^O"

Here are some situations where it is NOT appropriate:

"I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico. >>}8^O"

"This butter tastes like I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. >>}8^O"

"So it turns out that Stacy didn't really like Zak, even though she said she totally did, actually she likes Jim who is insanely hot but Jim never called Amy back so I kind of think he's like a jerk even though he has that kickass Gerber Baby tattoo. >>}8^O"

That last one might be okay if you can work it into an actual conversation.

Anyway. Emote responsibly, and have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Robert Jordan's emoticon's are two paragraphs long.


Austin Holian VI said...

i just won twenty five million dollars!!!!!! >>}8^O
i believe thats appropriate

Anonymous said...

I guess "my kitten totaly got beaten up by a hamster made of molten metal!1one!shift21! >>}8^O" wont fit?

Anthony Clarke said...

I think the scanner is malfunctioning again. It says your emoticons power level is OVER NINE-THOUSAND!
Wait, it IS your personal one. So I guess its fine.

Anonymous said...

Equality for all demons:
All demons should wear the same amount of armor/clothing and be set on fire in equal amounts.

Aenorn said...

I have the perfect use for this:

"We've just gotten the World First kill on Algalon! >>}8^O"

Imagine if Ensidia had that in their SS (We all know they'll get the world first)

Sargeras said...

@ Kaz: Amen. Robert Jordan's an easy target for jokes, but he wrote some damn fine books, and he will be missed.

@ AH6: Only if it's true!! it? Can we be friends now?

@ Anon: I see nothing wrong with that.

@ AC: Hehehe

@ bfg: What are you doing! That emoticon is only to be used for evil, never for good!! >>}8^O

@ Aenorn: Hm... I wonder how much an Ensidia SS Shoutout costs?

Anonymous said...

so something like "oh my goodness, did you see last night's Grey's Anatomy? I was totally thinking that Mer-Der would finally get married!"
would NOT be appropriate?

Sargeras said...

@ bjb: Perfectly appropriate. You didn't use the emoticon. :-)

Anonymous said...

My lord, my comment was evilly deceptive, the main evil part is the "set on fire in equal amounts" part. This will invoke greater team work in your subordinates as a single blunder from a demon would cause the whole group to be set on fire, effectively raising your rate of quota completion and thus extending any time you would like demons to amuse, entertain or serve whatever personal needs you may have.

Anonymous said...

"[Killzone’jaeden]: ...and that's how I spent three weeks selling fire extinguishers in Gnomeregan. >>}8^O"


Might Mun said...

btw the first google hit for >>}8^O" happens to be a coffee company website

Sargeras said...

@ deviousint: I'll allow it. ;-)

@ Might Mun: Haha awesome! It CAN'T be a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

is there actually any sense? I mean does that emoticon even look like someting? Or is it just random?

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