Thursday, July 9, 2009

Haiku #45

The best part about
being me? Three simple words:
Coffee's never cold.


Anonymous said...

I take it that you
Do not like iced coffee much
Do you burn your mouth?

Sorcer said...

When iced coffee is burning our majesty;
what happens to liquid oxygen?

(Looks different, but by the definition, I got on Wednesday in a literature theoretics lecture, it still is a valid haiku)

Otaku said...

it's true lol

j.m. said...

And folks say that The Lord of Evil is useless....

(Not me, of course, I hasten to explain Oh Exaulted One.)

Anonymous said...

Man, you like your coffee so much.
Is there a starbucks on every planet?

Sargeras said...

@ bfg:
Iced coffee's okay
but whenever I drink it
it's not iced for long.

@ Sorcer: What's your definition?

@ j.m.: WHO SAYS THAT >>}8^O

Sorcer said...

"A haiku is 'valid' when it consists of no more than 18 syllables and is structured in either two or three lines.
There is a caesura at the end of the first line when there are two and a caesura at the end of the second when there are three lines. This caesura ensures, that there is a comparasion between the two segments."

Also there is a reference made to nature.
Even if a haiku looks simple due to the limitation of syllables, it is complex in a metapoetic way when interpreted.

That would be exactly what my professor told me during class.

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