Friday, July 24, 2009

Short and sweet

My Internet connection is on the brink of death so I'll keep this short and sweet. I've written a guest post on the Fireball Spam blog that should be up sometime today. (Update: it's up!)

Have a great weekend, I'll write more when my Internet is more reliable!


Whowho said...

A Short and Sweet post from the Big and Bitter titan.

And 10,000 years to destroy Azeroth isn't all that bad, if you just consider the amout of time you, or one of your elder lords has actually been on the planet a-smashing, the invasion has only been going on for a long afternoon.

Nyaz said...

So, I just had a thought.

There are three things Mr. Sargie cannot destroy/smash/eat/completely annihilate with a fart.

1. Himself.
2. His blog (how else would he express himself in haiku on rainy days?)
3. His trusty blog-readers (because what then would be the point of his blog if there were no readers?)

Whowho said...

So... if I kill all of you lot so I'm the only one left, I can poke and annoy the Dark Titan to my heart's content?

*Starts sharpening the edge of my keybord*

Sargeras said...

Just don't assume all my blog readers are Earthlings. I can easily nuke your precious Terra and retain my precious readership!

Anthony Clarke said...

I especially liked RTSmeister, m'lud. Humorous.

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