Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ask Sargeras! In which the nature of ethics is revealed.

Didn't receive too much e-mail this time around. You realize, don't you, that if you fail to send me questions to answer, I will be forced to think up actual content? That's right, nobody wants that. So keep those questions coming!

Your Mightiness,

During your time hanging around in Aegwynn's body, how much were you able to see and hear? Was it like watching the best action movie ever, or was it just thousands of years being bored?

Daeliria, Doomhammer-US

Okay, so I entered Azeroth looking for a host body to corrupt. Simple enough, right? And there's this tiny human all calling me out, so I let her win so I can get my spirit in her.

(And wow, did I really have to let her win, by the way. She spent the first five minutes of the "battle" - and I use the term loosely - quivering like a sack of Jell-O. It was getting to where I thought I'd have to kill her just to save face.)

Anyway - so now I've got her under a simple and standard demonic possession, I can see and hear everything she does. I just wait till she has a child and the corruption can begin, right?

Seven hundred seventy-eight years go by, and this woman does. Not. Get. Laid.

And I know what you're thinking, but she wasn't a lesbian, either. That at least would've been entertaining. No, this mighty warrior, this invincible guardian, spends eight hours a day playing sudoku. I know it's fun and all, but look, lady, it's an algorithm. You're applying an algorithm. Let's not pretend it's a puzzle, and let's not do it non-stop for three-quarters of a millennium.

When she finally got it on with Nielas (and that was a short trip to Missionary City, let me tell you) I corrupted her son instantly. Nine months later was the happiest day of my life.

Dear Destroyer of Worlds,

Ever since I was a child elders of my old village used to tell stories about your heroic deeds, corruption and downfall. They said you were evil because you have no mercy and kill ruthlessly... However, I was wondering, what does term 'evil' actually means when it comes to absolute meaning. One can kill while defending something, steal to do something honorable so one can't just describe term 'evil' so easily. Do you consider yourself to be evil? And according to your vast knowledge, what actually makes fine line between good and evil?

Member of Kirin Tor Council

Excellent question. Allow me to explain.

Ethics are very, very important. They define our choices, our outlook on the universe. Murdering is wrong, therefore I do not murder; stealing is wrong, therefore I do not steal. These rules form the bedrock on which I base all my behavior.


Ethics do not apply to anyone small enough for me to crush between my fingers.

I'm not unethical. You're just squishy.

Dear Sargeras,

Do you have lots of great things I can buy?

-A fan

Why yes I do!

Okay fine that last one wasn't a real question. :-P


Anonymous said...

Dearest Dark Lord of them all,

Is there any chance of seeing more chat logs between Kil, Kel, >8<, LK and yourself? Clearly a lot of us are highly entertained by the two posted so far. Perhaps even invite them as guest bloggers for a while?

- Dyn

Sargeras said...

Well, I don't way to say too much, but...

Okay, yes I do. Another chat log is coming soon. :-D

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