Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two lists

Things I have set on fire
Other titans
My own face
The planet Mercury
Small continents
Large continents
Fire (that's right, I set fire on fire, think about that)
Broxigar's corpse
Borg cubes
The Internet
Wuthering Heights
Kil'jaeden (again)
Voyager II
Fermat's Penultimate Theorem
Halley's Comet
The letter "Z"
Bubble wrap
Approximately 1/3 of the Twisting Nether (it was wicked sweet)
Kil'jaeden (third time's a charm?)
Kil'jaeden (uh)
An Imperial Star Destroyer
The constellation Pegasus
Eonar (it's a metaphor!)
Kil'jaeden (it is not a metaphor)
The Higgs boson particle

Things I have not set on fire


Anonymous said...

Regarding Kil'jaeden:
Did you know that the "jaeden", when pronounced in German, resembles the word "jeden" which means "everyone"? Of course you did.I think it's kinda funny, to me his name will always be "kill everyone".

Anonymous said...

By the way, you should definitely start twittering!

Lx said...

Didn't it work an Aquaman, or did u just not try it, oh mighty Dark One.

Molinu said...

And here I was thinking that ending all existence would be a grim and thankless task. You really love your job, don't you?

Sargeras said...

@ Anon #1: Hah, that's pretty awesome. Sadly I do not speak German (there are like ten billion planets and each little planet has to have like a million languages) so this was news to me.

@ Anon #2: Nevar.

@ Lx: Er... no comment :(

@ Molinu: Oh hells to the yes.

Anonymous said...

So how's Cthulhu like? Did you actually talk to him before you burned him? And what exactly happened afterward?

Anconia said...

Are you a member of a union?

Klinderas said...

If he is, he certainly is the head.

Wait, does it say union leaders on the list of things he HAS burned? I didn't think to check.

In any case, Sargeras, buddy, I like the site. Keep it up!

Alkaliho said...

Why your own face?
Isn't your face made out of flammable metal? Isn't it theoretical impossible to set something like that on fire? (but then again, I have no idea what laws of physics you got there. Quite some paradoxal ones, I guess)

Also, do you use a good conditioner of is your hair made of fire cous it seems like that. Talk about split ends then ;)

Also also, when are you going to bring up the Lich King's schizofrenia? (2 souls in one head without issues, dont think so!)

Keep up the good work!


Sargeras said...

@ Anon #3: Cthulhu is big, boring and ugly. I've got nothing against big and ugly, of course, but that squid does nothing but sleep. Didn't even wake up when I torched him.

@ Anconia: If I were, it would have to be a union of one. Besides, who needs it? I've got plenty of "bargaining power" as it is!

@ Klinderas: Thanks!

@ Alkaliho: Why my own face? Let's just say it can get pretty boring out there in the Great Dark...

Eyra said...

I see Kil'jaeden multiple times up there, but you never got around to burning Archimonde before he died? =O I'm shocked you left something unburnt.

Amnar said...

Ho, you knew that C´thun actually is quit active?
you can check his and his fellow old ons tales out at ... the unspeakable vault of doom

Quit the catchy name i think

Praise be to the destroyer of worlds

Sargeras said...

@ Eyra: My goal with Archie the Defiler was really just to stay as far away from him as possible. Trying to set him on fire... why, the stench alone... *shudder*

@ Amnar: And he's apparently running for President of the United States too. I'm told his "I Have A Dream" speech is to die for.

Amnar said...


Anonymous said...

Could you set my sex on fire?

Anonymous said...

He probably could but it would hurt... and you(or your partner) wouldn't be able to do anything like that... probably ever again.

Anonymous said...

Would you be able to set Flash on fire or is he like too fast...


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't set Schrodeger's Cat on fire, just to screw with his little thought experiment.

Argolo said...
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