Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Haiku #28

Wielder of powers
past description, still I fail
at origami.


Anonymous said...

The origami
is an art of creation
not of destruction.

Anthony Clarke said...

AC is not First.
this makes him very depressed
now he will shed tears.

Haiku, still failing.

Unknown said...

Paper can combust
Perhaps sheet metal would work
Or maybe just melt.

Or so you might claim
And so will I, at least until
They find the bodies

Sargeras said...

@ Brian:
Has the infamous
origami murderer
admitted his crimes??

Anonymous said...

Here are couple of
demon origami heads,
proof: this art is dark.


Anonymous said...

The origami
is an art of creation
not of destruction.- BFG

Art of creation,
may craft a most beautiful
flame of destruction

Red said...

None is created
that is not at once destroyed
you mirror the world.

Sargeras said...

@ bfg:
I think that I've seen
a few of those folks around
the Twisting Nether.

That guy said...

I will not conform
And write this as a haiku
Oh wait. Fail once more

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