Monday, June 29, 2009

And, we're back!

Brian the web dude speaking. Those of you just visiting this site for the first time may be wondering if it is supposed to look like a scoop of vanilla ice cream whenever I get a traffic spike, or whether the color scheme changing on an hourly basis is some sort of obscure feature.

The answer is no, in fact, no, it is not! What it is, rather, is a side effect of using Image Shack for my image hosting. Now I'm going to try tinypic instead, as it's rumored to have unlimited bandwidth. Well, we shall see. But for now, at least, we're back!


Selaris said...


Anonymous said...

I never saw the scoop of ice cream, I feel cheated...! (ice cream, yum...)

Danny said...

Yo, Brian the web dude! Check out if you need some solid place of hosting pictures. I'm pretty sure it can handle the traffic spikes, but not entirely sure it will allow hotlinking if you get insane amounts of traffic - still worth a try.

How much traffic do you get here?

Anonymous said...

Me like vanille

Sargeras said...

@ Danny: I tried hosting them directly on Blogspot, and that didn't allow hotlinking, so I'd imagine Sites would be the same way. Tinypic seems to be working for now, though, so we'll see.

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