Friday, July 17, 2009

It's not alcoholism if you're enjoying it

I, the illustrious Sargeras, have written a guest post for the Misadventures of Svenn blog! Thanks to Svenn for the invitation. It does not appear to be up yet, but it will be soon, so, check back later. (UPDATE: It's up!) It is about demonic drinking games.

Yeah, don't lie, you're curious now.

Also (and on an unrelated topic) you should totally read this poem. It is about life and about destructive forces at the same time (so I can, like, totally relate) and also it's only twelve lines long so even the lazy ones can read it! High fives for literacy, everyone.

Anyway, I will be back on Monday. Y'all have a great weekend.


Nyaz said...

I feel that twelve-line poem lacked that particular "oomph" which we see in your... uh... line of work, my dear Sargeras.

I mean, where's the fire and the screaming people? The chaos?

Anonymous said...

Wahoo! Svenn is my brother and since he directed me over here I've done nothing but laugh over the Scourge chat logs. >8< Spider pride! Can't wait to read your guest spot.


Sorcer said...

*high five*

Svenn said...

Sorry for the delay, Svenn is in Alaska and as such is 4 hours behind the East Coast. The post is up. Thanks again to Sargeras for showing us how to "get our drink on" while destroying planetary bodies.

Sargeras said...

@ Nyaz: I guess some poems try to use a thing called "subtlety"...? Never really understood the concept, myself.

@ linnjeff & Svenn: Pleasure doing business with you. >>}8^O

Nyaz said...

@Sargeras: Nah, I mean what the hell. You're a thousand miles high giant made of molten iron. I think subtlety is just not worth the time and effort.

There are far more useful things a guy like you could spend your time on.
Knitting, for example. Have you tried knitting? Also, I could use a new hat. Couldn't you knit a hat for me?

Sargeras said...

Oh, I'll knit you a hat, all right. I'll knit you a hat... OF DOOOOOOM!!!!!

What size are you?

Nyaz said...

@Sargeras: Well, I'm not sure, really. Couldn't you make one of those one-size fits all?

Preferrably with a burning planet on the front or something that's really "you", y'know.

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