Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Haiku #44

I like fire's cruel scent
and I like crushing souls and
also butterscotch.


Anthony Clarke said...

butterscotch, m'lud
me thinks you need some time
to work on haiku.

Honestly though, great. I love butterscotch too.

MomentEye said...

Burnt souls smell awful
But taste a bit like chicken
So it's not all bad

Anonymous said...

don't you mean butterscorch?

Anonymous said...

Your haiku is weak
I fear the lord of demons
Is not a poet

Sargeras said...

@ AC:
Any lover of
butterscotch is a true friend
of the Most Fallen.

@ MomentEye:
Chicken Soup for the
Soul-Crushing Titan, perhaps
a new bestseller?

@ Anon #1: Well played.

@ Anon #2:
Hark! Doth yonder pot
spy a kettle and proclaim
"Forsooth! What blackness!"

Anonymous said...

why do you like crushing butterscotch, what am I mising??

Anonymous said...

Yon pot doth see this
Mockery of poetry
And think itself white

Anthony Clarke said...

@ anon

No, he likes crushing souls, and he likes butterscotch. Crushing only applies to souls*.

*and people, continents, planets, cities, suns, and pretty much everything that might fall into the "crushable" category.

Anonymous said...

@ Anthony: just a little attempt at humor....

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