Sunday, March 29, 2009

HA! It's working

The new domain, that is. should now point you straight to here.

This has the fortunate side effect of fixing the comment problem, too. And, in theory, it should fix the RSS problem as well - can anyone confirm this?

UPDATE: A reader has confirmed that RSS is working now too.


Anonymous said...

I've got your post in my reader and I can comment - so it's working.
Shouldn't be a problem for a Dark Titan anyway.

Sargeras said...

Shouldn't be a problem to snuff out Azeroth, either, but we can see how that turned out.


Merlot said...

Does this mean I need to switch my feed from the blogspot one, or will that continue to work?

Sargeras said...

Not sure... If your feed's working now, it should continue to work, since the change is complete. If it's not working now, you'll need to switch.

Merlot said...

Thanks, looks like it's working fine for me now, so I won't tempt fate!

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