Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Wikipedia page

I don't have one. >:O

No, Jimmy Wales, I did not mean "Sagreras."

Current mood: wrathful >:O


Anonymous said...

Even better then Wikipedia :)
Patiently waiting for next insight in the bad side of galaxy ^^

A zombie with knives said...

I could make you a wikipedia page, but they'd probably take it down, like how they removed the wikipedia page for my religion. Yeah, I made it up, but that's only so it'd be more awesome than the other religions.

- a zombie with knives

Dazer said...

Wikipedia does not think you 'relevant.'
Clearly you should destroy it for it's insolence.

Patiently awaiting the coming apocalypse,

Anonymous said...

Am i the only one curious why they're suggesting Sagreras, even though it doesn't exist either?

Anyways, looking forward to seeing u destroy Wiki.

Casual raider said...

Please destroy Wikipedia now.

Thank you

Sargeras said...

@ Anon #1: Yes, I do get a little love from Wowwiki, don't I? Current mood: slightly less wrathful! }:0

@ AZWK: Too true. Damn you, Wikipedia fancruft guidelines!! Current mood: slightly MORE wrathful! >:O

@ Dazer & Casual raider: I'm really more of a destroyer of worlds than, you know, online encyclopedias. Anything less than a planetary body is just inefficient!

@ Anon #2: Yeah that's weird. Perhaps they're talking about this guy, but I hardly think that giving "many radio performances" makes you important.

Anonymous said...

So what your saying is, that they have a third world musician, but not the Dark Titan in Wikipedia?

Anonymous said...

You're too awesome to be listed there :D

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