Monday, June 29, 2009

Turning over a new leaf! OF PAIN

All right, numbnutses, listen up! I've been way too nice around here lately, and this is the end of it, y'hear? I look back on my posts over the past few weeks, and what do I see? Bunny rabbits and tofu! Giving out prizes! Promising recipes to people! Getting friendly with lurkers! Relaxing music! Gay pride parades! Guild applications! Radio programs!


Is this what I've come to? Have I spent so much time among your kind that I've gotten lily-livered by association, asinine by osmosis?! People used to cower whenever I walked into a room! Do you know the last time someone cowered in my presence? Well, DO YOU?

Well, no more. Things are going to be different starting today, peeps. No more Mr. Nice Lord of Terror and Darkness. I am for serious. Time to get back to my roots. Time to get back to some serious destruction.


All right! I'm gonna blow up the eighth dimension!

All right! I blew up the eighth dimension! Now I'm gonna annihilate half the Oort Cloud!

All right, that's gone! Now I'm gonna destroy the letter "T" on my keyboard!!

All righ! Now I'm gonna desroy he following paragraph!

Yeah! I feel good righ now! See, his is how i's supposed o be. Me, blowing suff up, laying down he hur on you paheic morals. And you know wha? I haven' done ha enough laely eiher, so le's ge sared. he firs hree people ha commen on his pos will all ge annihilaed. Yeah! How do you like ha, biches?!

Okay and finally I'm going o desroy all he fun in grinding honor, oh wai



Daeliria said...

*creeps in wearing a very very cleverly-made Lich King disguise*


Anonymous said...

*yawn* HAI! ^_^

Mikey said...

Oh noes!!! I doesnt want being destroyed !!!!!! D:

Dazer said...

You should buy a new keyboard......
Srsly man. I'd be scared if the last half of your post had 't's in it...... =P

Dave said...

*despite being fifth, cowers*

Member of Kirin Tor council said...

Well, Dalaran was already destroyed once, was rebuilt... Feel free to drop by again and destroy it once more, I'm annoyed by this landscape anyway, and we'd have to move again if you destroyed it once more.

And perhaps you'd like some tea when you drop by here, before you destroy our wonderful city? We would welcome you anytime :)

Diljabar said...

The dude above me is clearly an arrogant wizard and deserves only the finest accommodations the Lord of Death can provide.

He no longer amuses me. Eat his blood.

V said...

The secret is, both commentators above me are the same person, seperate minds. May the Light be with them in mending their broken thoughts.

Varla Blaydes,
Grand Protectorate of the Aldor

Zhanael said...

You couldn't annihilate me, even if I were one of the first three. Hard to destroy Shadow incarnate.

Anyway, go have fun, Sargy.

Anonymous said...

Now we'll never know what that paragraph said, it could have been the reason Sargie's being so angry! Or some sort of confession! Oh noes!

Alej said...

I just gotta love this post!

Wait.. actually.. I mean, ZOMG I'm so scared! *cowers in fear at the sight of TEH LORD destroying the Letter T*

Excellent post! :D

Shanarah said...

Isn't that like anti-sesame street?
This world destroyed by the letter T... err lack thereof.
There's a joke in there some where damn it.

Whowho said...

Being annihilated is a once in a lifetime exsperience! I look forwad to it.

Sargeras said...

@ Daeliria, Sindrow, & Mikey:


Sargeras said...

@ Dave: As you should. ;-)

@ MoKTc: Finally got my keyboard fixed, so I can say that yes, I would like some TEA!

@ Alej: Why thank you!

@ Tracy: Today's show has been brought to you by the letter Omega.

@ Whowho: You'd better look forward to it, 'cause you'll never look back on it!

Whowho said...

Can I look sideways at it whilst you're doing it?

I supose it depends on how wide a splat mark Azeroth makes on your bedroom's wall...

Daeliria said...

*creeps out of ruined Lich King Cool-O-Matic Disguise (tm) and scurries away*

Selaris said...

So how long do the rest of us have to live?

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