Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Haiku #34

Welcome, Mr. Bond!
I will kill you, but...not yet.
That shit cracks me up.


Anthony Clarke said...

I wonder if he could take on your left pinky toe, while you were unconscious and if you tried to let him win?



MomentEye said...

Sonnet's are way hard
You destroyed my Planet
Now my brain hurts, too.


Aeltyra said...


Haikus are easy
but sometimes they don't make sense

A classic ... (though as you said before these aren't haiku but senryû)

Anonymous said...

that second line in japanese has 8 beats, not 7: Tokitoki imi nai.

Aeltyra said...

It's "tokidoki", but I suppose you're right, I guess i counted 'nai' as one beat (because, you know, it doesn't sound like nah-ee but just nai)

Sargeras said...

@ AC:
It would be a battle for the ages. Super Spy versus Sleeping Ambivalent Titan's Pinky Toe! SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY

@ MomentEye:
Can I take it, then
that I will be receiving
a sonnet from you?

@ Aeltyr: That's a cool one.

Ha, get it, "cool?" Oh, I'm hilarious...

Aeltyr said...

Sadly I did not
invent this silly haiku
found it on the web

Sargeras said...

Yeah, I know, I've seen
it before. But you still get
credit for posting. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ya, haikus originated in japan by having 5-7-5 characters, and in english we changed it to syllables instead of characters.

Anonymous said...

kitteh ate mah fud
gtfo my houz, lol
i made a lolku

Sargeras said...

...and so begins the disintegration of the English language.

TheDesktopNinja said...

Just now? I thought it began years ago.

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